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EXQuery is a open collaborative effort to define standards that extend outside the scope of the XQuery specification, whilst focusing on the portability of XQuery Applications.

The first standard we have produced is RESTXQ, and GitHub/exquery.

Our fundamental principles are that of open and collaborative development; anyone with an interest in XQuery is invited to participate by collaborating with us in the development and definition of these standards. We believe that applicable and adoptable standards of this nature can only be developed through open and collaborative working from within the community itself.

We also believe that XQuery is a fantastic language for building applications in today. However we recognise that many of the XQuery implementations available provide additional functionality around and for the language, examples include (but are not limited to):

  • XQuery Function Libraries
  • Indexing
  • Versioning
  • Full-Text Capabilities
  • Backup/Restore
  • Configuration

It is within these areas of additional functionality that we are developing standards, so that an XQuery application developed for one implementation may be easily transferred to another implementation, or at least the risks identified.

Open for Business

Day 1
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We are just starting out and would like to invite everyone with an interest in advancing XQuery application development to come and join us. The primary means of communication is through our Open mailing list.

EXQuery Function Library

The First EXQuery Standards Project
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Our first project is to establish an EXQuery Function Library. This will be an optional set of XQuery function modules that may be provided by any implementation. Many implementations already provide additional function modules for use in XQuery on their own platforms, however they are incompatible with other implementations. Coalescing these function modules into a neutral standardised function library that may be provided by any implementation is our first step.

Your Extensions

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EXQuery Standards Projects are born out of the community's needs. Come and tell us about your EXQuery Use Case where you have had to extend XQuery to deliver your application.

Standards Projects